Tri Training Harder: "Get faster on the bike"



Earlier this week we asked one of our longer-term athletes who is making real gains in her cycling: what do you attribute speed on the bike to? Here are her three key elements to getting faster on the bike: Power and fitness – This is promoted by quality hours on the bike; a good understanding of power numbers and their implications.

You will also need a good dose of “Digging in and getting on with it”. You have to do the hard work to get faster. The bike – Understand the technical set up of a good fit, the advantages of aerodynamics, and how the positional changes will impact your raw speed. Where can time be saved on your bike without spending a fortune on the latest carbon clickbait?

You need to understand this and not shy away from it. Bike Handling – This starts with a sustainable aerodynamic position. But it also looks at so much more: how can you corner, work the gearing, understand how to ride hills and flats competitively as well as sustaining speed through the descents and not being scared! Ultimately training the engine, and handling the bike make you a fast bike racer. Then from this solid base you can build the fancy kit on top. But remember; fancy equipment won’t make up for a lack of hard miles or developed skills.

A lot of these reactions can be enhanced or overridden by your attitude. None of the comments above is what anyone wants to experience. However, our attitude and how we deal with different situations is part of the training process.


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