Tri Training Harder: "Reach Your Potential"

This month, our coaching partner Tri Talking Sport discuss how athletes can optimize performance and help inner focus!

It is commonly understood that performance equals potential minus interference. It is also often said that the road to hell is lined with good intentions. How easy do you find it to perform and build consistent habits?

It is easy to suggest athletes should lead somewhat dull lives and block out any possible distraction. With professional athletes, there may be something in that conversation. However, with age-group athletes, we will always have to find a balance, we cannot eliminate distractions, but these recent lockdown periods will hopefully have helped you understand your priorities better.

Focusing on the prioritisation of your numerous distractions or interferences will help you improve your performance and get as close to our potential as possible.

If you would like to learn more about Tri Training Harder, check out the button below! Why not catch them at our events this summer!


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