REMOVE YOUR BARRIERS TO SUCCESS advice from Tri Training Harder


The saying is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. With training and performance, everyone has good intentions. We all have goals, ambitions and are motivated to do something great. After all, there can only be one winner! However, something gets in our way, and many of us end up frustrated or disappointed that we don’t quite reach our potential. Perhaps we planned to get up early, but we didn’t wake up, or we had to stay late at work? Or maybe it’s easier to sit on the sofa scrolling through social media feeds than to do that Physio session we needed to do.


We compare ourselves against the sport’s greats or those who just beat us and assume they have everything easy. They don’t have any more time than you or us; they just remove the parts of life that get in the way of training. This means that they are more likely to hit the big lofty goals they set themselves because they execute the plan more times than other people. It’s not about training any harder or more than you; it’s just that they more consistently stick to their program because it is easier to stick to – nothing gets in the way. Or, to put it another way, they don’t let things get in the way.


These are the barriers that get in the way of our performance. Top athletes aren’t any more motivated than you. They just remove the obstacles or side-step them. For example, if you always miss a session on a set day, instead of rolling it onto the next day (which never works!), don’t set a session on that day and work a different plan. If you find it hard to get out on the bike because of timing issues, look at an indoor set-up. If getting to the pool is complicated, find one near your work. The aim here is to identify the problems and stop them from being an issue.


If you can’t remove the barrier, then the aim is to try and side-step them. We can’t remove the fact that work may finish late, but we can stop it from impacting our training schedule. This can be done by making turning up ready for training easier. Humans, like most things in the world, follow the path of least resistance. That is why setting up a meeting with training buddies, laying your kit out the day before, checking your session plan before you get there, planning your fuel through the day and the week rather than being reactive all mean that you are training a few percentage points better. You are removing the barriers and making things easier.


A big part of coaching a new athlete is helping them identify and remove their barriers to success. Take some time now to locate and remove your barriers that stop you from executing your training plan. You may be surprised how that facilitates consistency and improves performance.


If you would like to learn more about removing barriers and creating a plan that works for you, we highly recommend that you get in touch with Tri Training Harder and speak to one of their amazing coaches! The coaches are there to provide you with the best training methods possible and to help you succeed before your race with us!

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