Pre-race Fuelling and Hydration advice from Precision Fuel and Hydration

Our Nutrition Partner, Precision Fuel and Hydration are experts at knowing how you should fuel before an event. Here are a few tips from the team at PF&H on how to nail your pre- race nutrition.This information can also be found in at pages 18-19 in our competitor guide here!


  • Carb Load- aim to do this a day or two before your event, to top off your stored energy (glycogen) levels
  • Right before your race – Take an energy gel in the final 15 minutes or so before you start. This will provide additional fuel to be utilised in the early stages and increase your energy levels.
  • Why? Think of your glycogen stores as the fuel you have in the tank before a long journey. The more you start with the longer you can keep going!


  • Consider drinking a strong electrolyte (like PH 1500) about 90 minutes before you start. This is known as ‘preloading´
  • Finish your drink 45 minutes before you start to allow your gut to absorb it.
  • DON’T just drink lots of water before a race! You can end up diluting your blood sodium levels, increasing the risk of a race-ruining condition called hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels).
  • Why? It will boost your blood volume, a proven way to enhance performance during intense exercise, especially in the heat! It’ll help your cardiovascular system cool you down and deliver oxygen to your working muscles. This reduces fatigue and enables you to maintain your performance for longer. PH 1500 electrolyte drink is a very effective preloader as it contains 3x more sodium than typical sports drinks. Preloading also helps you avoid cramp, which can be triggered by sodium depletion.


Your energy and hydration needs will differ depending on what event you’re competing in. Please refer to the race-specific fuelling and hydration advice here for tailored advice on your event!

You can also check out Precision Fuel and Hydration’s planner, specified to our events!

Precision Fuel and Hydration products will be available on all our triathlon, multisport, run, swim and obstacles courses for 2023.

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