We are extremely excited that, together with Triathlon Ireland, we have created a brand new event at Lough Cutra Triathlon this year, exclusively for women. We will be hosting a non-competitive sprint distance triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run) for women aged 16+.

The aim is to encourage women from all over Ireland who are brand new to the sport, or previously completed New2Tri and Try-a-Tri or events and for women who haven’t participated in a triathlon for several years and would like to re-engage with the sport.

The objective of this event is to ensure that every woman experiences a profound sense of achievement and accomplishment, free from competitive racing.

Women’s events can help encourage women to participate in triathlons who might feel intimidated or discouraged in mixed-gender races. This supportive environment can be particularly beneficial for beginners or those who are new to the sport.

This event is perfect for any women! No pressure, no massive training schedule to keep on top of, no expectations…this is just for fun! Enter with some friends or go it alone, it’s about racing your way and enjoying the experience.

The ideal location of Lough Cutra Triathlon offers a safe and inclusive environment which is imperative for this Women’s Triathlon to happen. Triathlon Ireland staff and the Triathlon Ireland Advocates will also be there to support you as you take on this challenge.

If you feel like this is the perfect opportunity to get some good training under your belt but don’t know where to start, why not contact our amazing Coaching Partner Tri Training Harder for some advice and a bespoke training plan.

We offer affordable racing, including a 16-25 and 60+ race card offering a 50% discount as well as payment plans for all our races so you can spread the cost of entry.

We not only feel very strongly that our terms and conditions should be fair to all, but also endeavour to provide options for those who find themselves in a position where they can no longer take up the ticket they purchased. . . .

  • no admin fee on changes
  • race and venue transfer options
  • 90 day deferral to following year
  • pregnancy clause
  • supportive and dynamic customer support

If you need to change your race, please contact our customer support.

So what’s stopping you? Sign up today and join us for this fun, inclusive, relaxed new event. See you on the start line.

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