Meet Days Brewing

Nothing beats a cold beer, especially after a long run, cycle, or swim. Sometimes though, we can all do without the side effects, especially when training for a major event. Enter Days Brewing...

The beer for people who want to do more

Days make delicious 0.0% Alcohol Free Beer, so that you can enjoy all the great moments that a cold beer brings – the buzz, the relaxation, the refreshment – but works with us, not against us.

Days is THE beer for people who want to do more, which is why we’re delighted to partner with them for our 2022 season.

The Facts

Proud to be alcohol free – They use a unique brewing process that doesn’t produce any alcohol. Authentically alcohol free.

Brewed in Scotland – Building on a rich heritage of British brewing and using locally sourced ingredients.

Vegan – Vegan and low in calories.

Brewed with purpose – They give 2% of all sales to organisations that empower fresh thinking towards mental health. They cleverly call this ‘Days Duty’, mirroring the Duty that alcohol companies pay the government as tax.

What drinkers say

“The perfect drink for active people. We cycle loads and stopped drinking alcohol due to the horrible groggy, lethargic after effect. Now we can sit outside in the sunshine, have a drink, and still go cycling afterwards”.

– Elaine B.W.

Partnership Perks

Days are very kindly offering you, our fantastic community, an exclusive 15% off their award-winning 0.0% beers.

Just use the code – DAYSCASTLE15 – at their checkout and stock up ahead of the Bank Holiday. Cheers!

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