CRS Ambassador Bailey Matthews: Commando 2022 Experience

In October of last year, I completed the Commando obstacle course.


My name is Bailey Matthews and I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy. This affects my ability to walk and my overall mobility. However, despite my difficulties, I enjoy putting myself out there and completing a challenge.

I have been doing the Castle Race Series events since 2015 where I completed the Castle Howard Triathlon. A video of me finishing the triathlon went viral on Facebook, gaining over 27 million views. This was something I was never expecting.

The year after, in 2016, I completed the full triathlon series: Lough Cutra Castle, Cholmondeley Castle, Castle Howard, Château De Chantilly & Hever Castle. I have done the majority of the Castle Race Series triathlons every year since then (occasionally missing out one or two – and I also had a couple of years off due to COVID), and knew I wanted to do a new challenge.

Commando was something I have wanted to do for quite a while, however things got in the way. With Commando being changed from November to October, it meant that I was able to do it. Due to my Cerebral Palsy, I needed a team to help me do it. It was a team of four, including myself, alongside my dad, Jono, his girlfriend, Lou & Castle Race Series crew member, Creasy (who I occasionally called Gryff!)

I completed the 6k course, which was also the longest walk I’d ever done. There were a lot of obstacles that I found challenging, and as a result, really enjoyed them. My favourite obstacles were ‘Swing For Your Life’ and ‘Doom Drop’, as they were quite fun and exciting (and not that difficult). The obstacles I found the hardest were ‘The Wires’ – as it requires good balance as to not fall, also a lot of patience and focus is vital so you don’t misplace your footing. ‘Walk the Plank’ was another obstacle that requires a lot of balance as you are walking on a seesaw type plank so it is constantly moving. Also, the ‘Monkey Bars’ were difficult as they require a lot of upper body strength.

In order to complete the more challenging obstacles, my team assisted me, either by allowing me to hold on to them in order to get more support or helping me to lift my leg over different things. Without my team I wouldn’t have been able to complete the obstacle course, so I am incredibly grateful and thankful that they were willing to help.


This year, I am hoping to, again, complete the Commando course along with triathlons at Cholmondeley Castle, Castle Howard & Hever Castle. As I am sixteen now, this means that I will have to do the adult races, this will be a whole new challenge in itself – not only the increased distances, but also as the cycle will be on open roads, which is something I haven’t experienced before.

I’d like to thank Brian, and all his team at Castle Race Series, for their continued support and giving me the opportunity to participate in triathlon and other styles of events.

Bring on 2023!

Thank you Bailey for that insight! If you would like to join Bailey, book Commando now, with 25% off all races on the 14/15 October 2023!

See you at the warm up area!

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