Commando 2022 Race Report

Commando 2022 Debrief: On the 15th and 16th October, our recruits were put through their paces at Hever Castle…

Recruits travelled far and wide to Commando HQ to take on either our 3k, 6k or 12k course.

Our Royal Marine Commando Instructors were raring to go, waiting to beast the recruits as they made their way through each of our challenging obstacles.

Everyone was immersed in the military world from the moment they arrived at Commando HQ

Recruits were provided with a camo neck warmer and wristband to highlight their chosen challenge level. The yellow wristband meant family entry, the blue wristband meant “just get me round” and green “treat me like a Commando” meant that these individuals were to receive an extra beasting from our instructors!

Often referred to as “the best OCR warm up ever”, our brilliant instructors  Bart, Creesy and Dougie truly got heart rates high and blood pumping in the warm up area. 

Friends and family supported from the side lines of the warm-up, watching the action around the castle grounds, enjoying the bar, tasty food concessions and finish line celebrations.

This year, we were lucky to host previous Sports Personality of the year winner, Bailey Matthews, who is a legend at Castle Race Series! Bailey has cerebral palsy but that didn’t stop him completing the course, he smashed the course with his fantastic team! Well done Bailey!


The recruits were then sent to briefing tent, where the Commando in Chief, Brian provided the O Group  and objective for the recruits. The objective: conquer all obstacles.

Wave by wave, each group were then sent to Estuarine Emersion. The 6k and 12k recruits then made their way to tunnel rats while the 3k recruits stormed their way to River Cross.

The recruit faced climbs, crawls and swings throughout the course.

Our 12k course completed over 52 obstacles,  some of them also carrying an extra 21lb of  kit and others taken on a 2 hour survival experience with expert Roly.


The 12ft wall, the final obstacle. The recruits stormed the wall and sprinted to victory at the finish. They were met with a brilliant medal, warm ribena and support from the team.

This event is unlike any other OCR event, as it recreates the Royal Marines Commando training. It is a true test of endurance and stamina, pressure and vigilance, courage and control.

“Beautiful location, a very well organised event. Lovely friendly staff. Fun obstacles. Lovely medal. A great morning out. Highly recommend it. Will be back next year.” – Louise D

Commando will return again on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 2023.

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Will you brave Commando 2023?


Over and out.

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